Monday, September 26, 2011

End of Days by Robert Gleason

L.L. Magruder is convinced the end is coming. She tries to enlist her family and her government but they think she is losing it. Kate, her daughter, is a correspondent for her mother's communications network. Her step brother Frank is a doctor in New York. Stone is also a correspondent and is kidnapped by two crazy sisters. Stone's friend Colton is an astronaut, he along with Stone and Cool Breeze used to play baseball together. Breeze, however, is now in prison. Finally the day comes when bombs start going off everywhere around the world. Many leaders are killed and those is prison are freed. Kate and her step brother refuse to join her mother in her compound called The Citadel. They feel they can be more help working with the wounded. But, they are taken hostage by the rogue prisoners and used as bargaining chips to make Kate's mother hand over The Citadel. After all the devastation there is fighting until finally peace is once more achieved.

This book is a depiction of what could potentially happen in the future. While a good storyline there is a lot of violence in the beginning of the book. I'm not a big fan of violence and some of it was hard to read. The first part is introducing all the characters and was a bit confusing trying to keep them all straight. However it all came together in the end and became cohesive. If a reader enjoys apocalyptic books this is one they should definitely consider reading.

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