Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dry Ice by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

Flint Agro-Chemical has a weather station called TESLA. It helps them regulate the weather on their many crops to aid in production. The facility is headed by Greg Simpson. However, Greg has gone rogue and is working on the side for members of the government. All of this is on the sly and not readily known. Then there is a disaster that Flint can lay at Greg's door and decides it's time to replace him. They hire Tess Beauchamp to come in and lead the team in the Antarctic. Tess and Greg used to word together and are not at all friendly. After being escorted from TESLA, things start happening that no one had anticipated. It seems that Greg was bent on destruction and revenge. For the next few days Tess and everyone at the facility fight endlessly to try and undo the coming damage that Greg has inflicted on the world.

This was a very good book, while not a page turner for me I did enjoy it. The word pictures the authors give of the mass destruction are amazing. The character of Greg Simpson is one that you love to hate, real evil in every sense of the word. Just thinking about the possibility that this scenario could actually play out is frightening. There had to be a lot of research done with all the technical jargon, however it was all very well explained for the layman. Kudos to the authors for a story well told and riveting to the reader.

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