Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feels Like Family by Sherryl Woods

Helen is a divorce attorney. Her two best friends are married with families and she is single. Erik works as a chef for Dana Sue one of Helen's best friends. They have clashed from the beginning but when Helen champions another employee of Dana Sue's things come to a head. Helen decides she wants a baby, but Erik has told her that he does not want to get married again or have children. Erik's wife and child died in childbirth and Erik who was an EMT could not save them. Even so, they begin an affair and Helen gets pregnant. Erik wants to marry Helen but she is dragging her feet.

This one is the last in the Sweet Magnolia series. Usually with trilogies the last book is the best. For me though the second was my favorite. This one was good in it's own right and had a good story. I liked the main characters but the story was not as compelling. Chick lit lovers will like this book.

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