Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dating Mr. December by Phillipa Ashley

Emma Tremayne lost her boyfriend and her job in the same day. She found out her boyfriend was having an affair with her boss. She moved to northern England and took a job doing PR with the Bannerdale tourist board. One of her first assignments was to help raise money for a new rescue center. Her proposal was a nude calendar. Most of the men were on board but there was one lone holdout Will Tennant. He thought it would make them a laughing stock but in the end decided to participate. Emma liked Will until she found out he left his fiance at the altar. One of her friends told her not to believe what others were saying and ask Will about it himself. Finally Emma decides to take a chance on Will and then gets a job offer in London. All she wants is for Will to ask her to stay, but he is not sure he can trust another woman.

This was really a cute book and I enjoyed it very much. Since the author is British there was some slang that I was not quite sure of, but it did not detract from the storyline. It reminded me of the movie Calendar Girls with the nude calendar. However, it was a very good feel good romance.

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