Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bravo Unwrapped by Christine Rimmer

B.J. Carlyle is pregnant. She had a one night fling with an old boyfriend named Buck Bravo. L.T., B.J.'s father tells her he wants an article about Buck for the Christmas issue of their magazine Alpha. Buck agrees, his only condition is B.J. She must write the article and spend two weeks with him. Having agreed to his condition they set out for Buck's hometown where they stay at his mother B & B. Buck overhears her tell his brother's girlfriend Glory that she is pregnant. The whole time they are together he keeps waiting for her to tell him. Then her father has a heart attack and she must work that much more. Finally Buck tells her that he knows about the baby and had been waiting for her to tell him. Obviously her father and job mean more to her than him or the baby and he walks out of her life.

Very good category romance. Really liked the storyline and the character of B. J. She is a very strong willed and capable woman. Buck is the typical alpha male like the main male lead in all series romances. They have great chemistry and in the end everything works out for them. Really like the Bravo series and still have several more to go.

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