Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods

Dana Sue and Ronnie Sullivan are divorced. She threw him out when he cheated on her in a one night stand. Now their daughter Annie is suffering from anorexia and passes out when she was having a sleep over. Dana has to call Ronnie and tell him about Annie. He tells her he is coming home whether she likes it or not. After he arrives and they unite to help Annie, Ronnie tells Dana Sue that he is staying in Serenity and that he plans for them to remarry. Dana is very confused by this Ronnie and has trouble trying to deal with not only him but with the health crisis of their daughter.

The middle of the Sweet Magnolia trilogy. This book was much deeper than the first in that it dealt with the issue of anorexia. Both Dana and Ronnie not only had to find their way back to each other but they had to deal with their daughter almost dying. This one really pulled at the heartstrings and was a very compelling read. It did go fast for me and I really enjoyed this book.

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