Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

Vivi and her half sister Natalie are opening a bistro together. Across the street there is an Italian restaurant run by chef Anthony Dante a widower. Vivi and Anthony clash from the beginning. They even challenge each other to a cook off. Sparks fly but Vivi thinks Anthony is not over his late wife and she says she is not ready for a commitment with her bistro just starting up. Then things fall apart when Vivi learns that Natalie has spent all their money. Now the bistro is in danger.

Loved this book, so much in fact that I have ordered three more of her books. It was witty, charming and just a good story. Really enjoyed the by play between Vivi and Anthony. There is also a bevy of minor characters that are wacky and funny. Good contemporary romance quick and easy.

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