Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lori's Little Secret by Christine Rimmer

Lori and her twin sister Lena switched places the night of their senior prom. Lori attended with her sister's boyfriend Tucker Bravo. After graduation Tucker left Tate's Junction and never knew he was going to be a Dad. Almost 11 yrs. Later both Lori and Tucker are back in their hometown. Lori has decided that Tucker needs to know that her son Brody is his son too. Before she can tell him though, he figures it out for himself and tells Lori that he will never forgive her for not telling him. When Brody finds out that Tucker is his Dad, he tells him that he wants him and his mom to get married so they can be a family. Lori, however, tells Tucker that she can not marry a man who will not forgive her.

Seems like most of the Bravo books center around an unexpected pregnancy. This one deals with that issue 11 years after the fact. Lori wants forgiveness and Tucker will not give it. Very enjoyable but typical romance. A good way to lose yourself for a couple of hours. Still have a few left to read and on the whole have really liked Ms. Rimmer's books

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