Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bound for Murder by Laura Child

Carmela Bertrand made place cards for the engagement party of Jamie and Wren. However, before the dinner could be served Carmela and restaurant owner Quigg find Jamie dead in Quigg's office. Wren's cousin Gabby asks Carmela to look into the murder and also to help Wren cope with the business she now owns. Between her almost ex sister in law pressuring Carmela to have Wren sell the inventory of the bookstore to a client of her's to Jamie's business partner Blaine trying to take advantage of Wren, Carmela has her work cut out for her.

This is another good cozy mystery by Ms. Child. A lot of the same characters are in this book as they were in the first two. It's like visiting old friends when each book starts. Good description of New Orleans and life there, plus all the scrapbooking tips and recipes that are included make this a very enjoyable read.

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