Sunday, August 21, 2011

In The Dark by Heather Graham

Alex works at a resort organizing dives and one on ones with her beloved dolphins. David is a treasure hunter and Alex could not live with the separations and David not respecting what she loved. So, they divorced after a year of marriage. Now David has shown up at the resort just as Alex has met someone else. He tells her that due to a technicality they are still married. Alex and one of her co workers find a dead body on the beach but when they call the sheriff the body has disappeared. David thinks it's the person he was supposed to meet and vows to keep Alex safe.

Heather Graham is a very good storyteller and this book is no different. It's quite the page turner as you can't help but want to know why people are dying and who is killing them. It's also a second chance at love romance to boot. Alex is a strong woman with a mind of her own, but David is also determined to show her that they never should have gotten divorced. Suspenseful read with just enough romance thrown in.

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