Sunday, August 21, 2011

Completely Smitten by Susan Mallery

Haley Foster has run away from home after her broken engagement. She has never been a bad girl and feels like she has missed something. Deciding to go to a bar, Haley is surrounded by men and feeling uncomfortable. U.S. Marshall Kevin Harmon just wants to have a beer and something to eat. But, can not sit by and watch Haley being taken advantage of. She orders a drink and sits with him. After awhile he realizes that the bartender has been giving her doubles. After taking her to her hotel room and waiting out her being sick, Kevin is called to a riot at the prison where he delivered a prisoner earlier in the day. Kevin is shot and Haley makes him the offer to drive him home.

Short fast romance read by Ms. Mallery. Good girl wants bad boy to help her learn to be bad too. Cute storyline with very likeable characters. Easy flow from start to finish. Nice romantic read for romance lovers.

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