Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fifty ways to say I'm Pregnant by Christine Rimmer

Starr Bravo has been in a love/hate relationship with Beau Tisdale since she was 16 years old. Home for the summer Starr learns a few things about Beau and decides to put the hate part aside. She proposes that they just have a summer fling to which Beau agrees. All Beau wants is to work for his boss Daniel Hart and one day have a place of his own. Starr has a new job in New York to use her journalism degree. Before the end of the summer though Starr learns she is pregnant and some how the perfect opportunity to tell Beau never arises. He wants to keep their deal that when summer is over so are they.

Cute category romance by Ms. Rimmer. Pretty predictable all the way through but enjoyable none the less. They are recurring characters from the book Practically Married the story of Starr's father and her stepmother. This is a very fast and easy read.

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