Friday, July 15, 2011

Taken by Lilith Saintcrow

Sophie is hiding out and trying to start a new life after her divorce. Mark her millionaire ex abused her and made sure that she got nothing in the divorce. One night Sophie's friend Lucy says they are going out to a club, Sophie needs to get back in the dating swing. After awhile a group of people come in and one of the men talks to Sophie, she feel uncomfortable. Looking around for Lucy she doesn't see her anywhere and goes outside to find her. She hears a scream and sees Lucy being killed by a vampire, they the man at the bar and the rest of his group come out. They are Carcajou, what Sophie has heard are werewolves. One of theirs is also killed and the new leader Zach spirits Sophie away because he says she is their shaman. From then on they try to find out who is out to kill Sophie, because they learn that she was one of the intended targets along with Lucy.

Different kind of werewolf story but interesting. Besides the wolves there are also werebears and vampires mentioned in the book. It kept my interest through the whole thing and for me another fast and easy read. If you like paranormals this is a good one.

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