Friday, July 15, 2011

Hidden in Shadows by Hope White

Krista Yates returns from a mission trip to find her house ransacked. DEA agent Luke McIntyre is gunning for a drug dealer named Garcia. He has been tipped off that Garcia's men are after Krista. Garcia killed Luke's partner and he is not going to let anything happen to Krista. He begins looking into all her friends lives to see if anything had changed for them recently. Krista finds a dead mouse and a threatening note at work. Her car driven by her friend Natalie is involved in a hit and run. Finally Luke and Krista decide to bring everything to a head, but are they ready for what they will find out.

This is a series romantic suspense. The story flowed well and it's a really fast read. Good storyline and strong characters especially Krista. She is not going to be a victim and wants everyone to know she can take care of herself. Luke is a typical alpha male, they do have good chemistry throughout the book. Very easy and fast read.

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