Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sun Kissed by Catherine Anderson

Samantha Harrigan can not stand to see a horse abused. She sees a drunk and jumps in to make him stop. Tucker Coulter hears a ruckus and goes to see what's happening. He too, goes after the drunk and both Samantha and Tucker are arrested. Then one of Sam's horses gets sick and she calls Tucker, who is a vet to come and check him out. They learn that not only the one horse but another has been poisoned. All of Sam's family feels it's her ex husband Steve that is doing it. Then a third horse and her colt are poisoned and die. Then Sam comes under attack for poisoning her horses for money. Tucker stands by her side through it all. The family hires a P.I. He finds out that it was an inside job.

Tucker is the last of the Coulter family to marry. No matter what he is going to stand by Sam. It's nice to see old fashioned values portrayed in a contemporary book. That doesn't happen all the time. Another romantic easy read by a very good author.

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