Friday, July 15, 2011

My Sunshine by Catherine Anderson

Life changed for Laura Townsend five years ago when she was in a diving accident. She is now brain damaged and is making ends meet by walking dogs, cleaning houses and doing ironing. Isaiah Coulter along with his twin brother Tucker have an animal clinic. Isaiah's mother asks him to interview Laura for a job. He is taken with her beauty and also her compassion for the animals and her fellow employees. There is one person at the clinic who is not enamored of Laura though and starts undermining her with pranks when she is on duty. She swears she is innocent and finally Isaiah believes her when the security alarm people show him that someone else has been clocking me when Laura has night duty. Laura moves in with Isaiah when there are 13 puppies that need taking care of because their mother died. It's while she is living with him that drugs are found in the trunk of her car and the police are called in. Laura decides that she is not the one for him and leaves his house and his employ.

This whole series is very good. Each book is better than the last. In this one Laura deals with aphasia, a form of brain damage that leaves her unable to do some simple tasks like writing and see words and numbers clearly. She just wants to have a normal life and be treated as anyone else. Isaiah gives her the chance to have a real job. Neither one is looking for romance but it finds them anyway. This is another easy read with a very good storyline.

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