Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beg for Mercy by Jami Alden

Megan Flynn was in love with Detective Cole Williams. That was until he arrested her brother for a murder he did not commit. Now Sean is on death row with execution imminent. Megan is still trying to find out what happened at Sean's house the night Evangeline Gordon was murdered. She keeps getting in the way of other investigations that Cole is involved with thinking there might be a link to her brother's case. Finally Sean is put on suspension for giving Megan confidential information on previous cases. Both Megan and Cole are attacked and Cole decides that he is not leaving her side because she is in danger from someone. Even though Sean has told her there will be no more appeals with time running out Megan is determined with Cole's help to find out what really happened and who set her brother up.

A good page turner with lots of suspense going on. Nice balance of dialogue and description throughout the book. There were no slow parts the story just flowed from beginning to end. Megan is a very strong woman who will not let anything stand in her way of helping her brother. Cole is also very strong minded and strong willed who is a go by the book cop. There is a lot of sexual tension and good chemistry between the characters. Loved the cover of this one. Ms. Alden tells a compelling story and one that is very enjoyable. For lovers of romantic suspense this is worth your time.

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