Friday, July 15, 2011

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

Berry Malone has a stalker. He came in her mother's lake house and shot a friend and co-worker of Berry's. Her mother decided they needed to call in a P.I., namely the father that Berry never knew. Dodge Hanley arrives and along with deputy Ski Nyland set out to find Oren Starks and bring him to justice. Berry figures out that Dodge is her father and confronts her mother who says he was the love of her life. Ski, although drawn to Berry, is not convinced at first that she is innocent. But as more things happen he changes his mind and he and Dodge form an alliance to keep Berry safe.

This book kind of goes along with Smash Cut. A few of the same characters are in each book namely Dodge, his boss and his boss' wife. Lots of chemistry flying in this one between Berry and Ski and her mother Caroline and Dodge. This was a real page turner with a surprising twist at the end. Highly recommend this book.

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