Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mercury Rising by Christine Rimmer

Jane Elliott can not stop watching her new neighbor Cade Bravo. Cade is also watching her and one day decides to confront Jane and ask her out. Jane gives him a definite no. She had been married to one bad boy and does not need another in her well ordered life. She lets down her guard and she and Cade become lovers. When he asks her to go out to eat with him she can not say yes. Cade leaves and is gone for quite awhile. In that time, Jane thinks over their relationship and comes to the conclusion that she loves Cade and doesn't care what others think. Her mother tries to derail the relationship, but Jane will not let Cade go.

Nice good girl and bad boy storyline. Each of the main characters are dealing with their own issues. Realizing that they need each other to get through them. Jane is very strong willed when she makes up her mind. She will go after what she wants. Nice balance of dialogue and description throughout. Another feel good romance.

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