Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scrooge and the Single Girl by Christine Rimmer

Will Bravo is not a fan of the Christmas season. Throughout his life bad things have happened around the holidays. So, he closes himself up in his grandmother's cabin to wait out the end of the year. Jillian Diamond needs to get away and write some of her columns. Caitlin Bravo, Will's mother, offers her the use of her mother's cabin in the woods. Both Will and Jilly are surprised that they are not the lone occupant of the cabin. They are snowed in and Jilly helps Will deal with his holiday issues while falling in love with him.

Good storyline with the added bonus of Will's grandmother's and his dead fiance's ghosts. At first Will and Jilly can't stand each other. But she is a sympathetic ear and he is right there taking care of her when she gets hurt. Loved the character of Will, Cade and Aaron's mother Caitlin. Nice romance with the final member of the Triple Threat getting her man.

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