Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Alibi by Valerie Hansen

Julie Ann and Smith both receive a jury summons. They are both picked to serve on a jury for a murder trail. When Julie Ann was in high school her brother Ben asked Smith to take her to her prom. Julie Ann thought that he asked because he liked her and was embarrassed to learn that he was only doing her brother a favor. They have become tentative friends in the years since. Then they are thrown together on a jury. Things start happening to jurors, one is hit by a truck, there are gun shots fired into Julia Ann's place of business and Smith is shot in the shoulder. Deciding not to sit around and wait for something else to happen Julie Ann and Smith start investigating themselves. They find not only the killer and the reason for the crime but a future with each other.

Good storyline with a bit of suspense to it. Julie Ann and Smith are both likeable characters. Smith being a typical alpha male. Julie Ann shows a lot of backbone and surprises Smith at every turn. Their faith is strong and they call on it throughout the book. Nice balance of description and dialogue. Very fast and very easy read.

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