Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tempting by Susan Mallery

Dani Buchanan has learned that she is not a Buchanan at all. Her mother had an affair and she is the result. She decides to search out her father and learn if he knew about her. Alex Canfield will do anything to protect his mother and father. Alex along with his seven siblings were adopted by Katherine and Mark Canfield. With his father looking to run for president, Alex is very suspicious when Dani shows up claiming to be Mark's biological child. Dani's track record with men has not been the greatest and she vows to stay away from Alex. Then the press get a hold of the information about Dani and it's all about making Mark look good. This throws Dani and Alex together for strategy meetings and the sparks fly. Alex sees that Dani really cares about his parents and his siblings, not like his ex wife Fiona. Fiona does not want to give up Alex and tries to get between the pair along with Alex's mother.

The last Buchanan book and one of the better ones. A look into politics and what people will do to spin a scandal. Dani is a very strong woman and Alex is a very strong man. The familial loyalty both of them have is lovely to see. No lagging in this book either, the story just unfolds from beginning to end. Another good contemporary romance.

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