Friday, July 15, 2011

Love on the Run by Shari MacDonald

Catherine Salinger is now the acting head of Salinger and Associates advertising agency. They are in contention for a big account. Her sister Daphne is the creative influence on the account. The day they arrived to give their presentation they run into Jonas Riley, the son of their father's former partner. Jonas' father ran out on their father and almost ruined his business in the process. Jonas had chosen his father over his feelings for Cat and she had never forgiven either Jonas or his father. A few days after the presentation Cat learns that Daphne is in love with Jonas' brother Elliott and they have eloped. Cat decides to put a stop to it and Jonas is right there watching her.

Cute romance wrapped up in love and betrayal. Catherine learns a lot about herself in her quest to stop Daphne and Elliott's wedding. She also learns that the chemistry between her and Jonas never died. A very fast and easy read for the romantic at heart.

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