Wednesday, July 27, 2011

His Executive Sweetheart by Christine Rimmer

Celia is in love with her boss Aaron Bravo. Aaron however does not know she is alive, well he does he just doesn't see her as a woman. Celia's friends give her suggestions to tell him how she feels and to make herself over. She does decide that honesty is the best policy and tells Aaron of her feelings. He, however, tells her there is no chance for them. So, she decides the makeover is the next step. When Aaron sees her he can't believe the change. Their affair starts and Celia winds up pregnant. She tells Aaron who right away accepts her marriage proposal. But then Celia has second thoughts.

The first of the sons of Caitlin Bravo books by Ms. Rimmer. Cute story with everything you could want. Boy has girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back. Both of the main characters are strong in their own way. The story flowed well from beginning to end. Nice feel good read.

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