Friday, July 15, 2011

Realm of Shadows by Shannon Drake

Tara Adair is in France to help her cousin what their Grandfather. When she gets there he asks her to check out a dig at a church. Tara goes and asks questions of the professor in charge. After the professor walks her out she sneaks back in and one of the workers hears her. When he leaves to escort her out the man he was working with opens the crypt and evil kills him. Brent tells Tara to go home and not say a word about what she has seen. He says he will go and report it to the police. The next night Tara and her cousin Ann decide to go out to a club. Brent is there with his friends Lucian and Jade, who had arrived from America. Brent tries to convince Tara that her Grandfather is right and there are powers and forces that she does not know about. Tara is not ready to believe until they find that her cousin has been bitten by a vampire. Tara is afraid that Brent is a vampire too. He is not but his friend Lucian is and also another American that Ann met and is watching over her, Rick is. Brent it turns out is a werewolf and he and his friends vow to end the evil.

Each book in this series just keeps getting better. It was a pretty fast read for me because I kept turning the pages to see what was happening. Nice to see a werewolf as the hero, in the other books it was the vampires. There was a bit of French history in this one too. I thought it was a very good book.

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