Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sizzling by Susan Mallery

Lori Johnson is a nurse and trying to earn extra money. She wants to spend the last few months of her sister's life with her. She takes the job of caring for Gloria Buchanan, after being hired by her grandson Reid. Lori is not impressed with Reid and tells him quite often that she thinks he is useless. Reid finds out that his manager has not been doing his job and kids have been let down by their hero. Reid was a professional baseball player who left the game when he blew out his shoulder. Deciding that he needs to do something to make a difference Reid decides to start a foundation and wants Lori on the board to keep him grounded. He also makes a plea for organ donors in the case of her sister Madeline. Reid blames himself when Madeline dies on the operating table and when he asks Lori if she wants to be alone leaves. Lori always knew that he would not stick it out with her, but maybe she is wrong.

The third in the Buchanan series and this one like the others is totally different. Loved the whole donor aspect of the book, bringing awareness to that great cause. There are changes in three characters throughout this book Lori, Reid and Reid's grandmother Gloria. The changes are interesting to watch and how others relate to the new personages. Very good contemporary romance by one of the best.

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