Friday, July 15, 2011

The Perfect Wife by Shari MacDonald

Felicia Salinger Kelly's husband left her for another woman when she was pregnant with their third child. Brody Collins is the editor of a tabloid magazine. Fee and Brody knew each other in high school when they both worked on the school's paper. They meet again at Fee's sister Lucy's wedding, when Brody is there to cover it for his magazine. As they are talking Fee says she is going to have to hire help. Brody tells her that he knows a lot about kids, which she mistakenly takes to mean that he is a childcare worker. She hires Brody to watch her children while she looks for a job and until she can find someone permanent. Brody calls his partner Adam at Child's Play magazine and asks him to hire Fee. Before long Fee finds out that Brody has been deceiving her all along and gives him the boot. Fee finally decides to give Brody a chance to explain.

This is the last Salinger sisters book. They are all very clean, sweet romances. This one like the others was very entertaining and a fast and easy read. I was sorry to see this one end and may have to find more by this author.

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