Friday, May 6, 2011

Treasure Me by Robyn DeHart

Vanessa Pembrooke walks in on her sister and her fiance making love two days before her wedding. Even though Vanessa was not in love, she had picked her fiance because of similar interests. She did not want a relationship based on love and thought the concept was foolish. Not wanting to stay around and be pitied Vanessa takes what little money she has and heads to Scotland. She has always wanted to be a scientist, and decides this is a good time to make her dream come true. Looking to prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster, Vanessa becomes the unwitting bride of Graeme Langford. Graeme is in Scotland to find the Stone of Destiny before in falls into the hands of the wrong people. Vanessa decides to help her husband in his quest, although her husband is not so keen on Vanessa tagging along. With an attempted murder on Vanessa's life, Graeme has no choice but to keep her close to him.

Very easy and fast read. The storyline just flowed and kept you turning pages to see what was going to happen to Vanessa and Graeme. Wonderful chemistry between the two, especially since neither one was looking for a relationship. Dialogue really helped the story along and there were a couple of good minor characters. Dougal, Graeme's brother and also his mother we assets to the storyline. The Raven you just wanted to dislike from the very beginning. All in all a very good period book and anyone who likes that genre will enjoy.

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