Friday, May 6, 2011

Midnight Caller by Leslie Tentler

Rain Sommer's is a psychologist who has a late night talk show. It's geared to young people who need help dealing with everyday issues. However, there is a killer in New Orleans and he calls Rain's show. Trevor Rivette is an FBI agent sent to New Orleans to help with the case. It seems the killer likes to leave things for Rivette to find. Trevor is not happy about being home again. He has his own demons to face. He and Rain are thrown together because of the investigation. Trevor sits in at the radio station and listens to Rain's show waiting for the killer to call her again. Both of them want this person found before he kills again and will do what needs to be done to catch him.

This book is set after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, so there are a lot of references to what devastation there still was in the city. Between the radio show and her interaction with her patients Rain is trying to get out from under her late mother's shadow. While she is dealing with those issues Trevor is also dealing with facing his father again and renewing a relationship with his siblings. There are different phases of the story rolled into one in this book. They all work well together to push the story forward. This book turned out to be a real page turner. It had just the right amount of suspense and romance. The cover does fit the storyline and I would recommend this book highly.

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