Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seduced by Destiny by Kira Morgan

Josselin Ancrum has been taught to fight by her three fathers. She wants to avenge her mother's death at the hands of the English. Drew MacAdam is in Scotland to play golf. He too was taught by his three uncles to fight. They wanted him to be a better warrior than his father. Drew was like his father in that he did not want to fight, he wanted to take the Scot's money instead. Jossy goes to see Queen Mary when she returns to Scotland. Watching the procession Drew comes to her aid. They strike up a tenuous friendship that leads to more. Jossy winds up as a spy for the Queen and each of them try to keep the other safe. But there is something that Jossy doesn't know about Drew that could mean his life.

Good story, with twists throughout the book. Jossy is a strong woman who likes to take care of herself and doesn't want any help from Drew. Yet she is drawn to him and discovers feelings she never had before. Drew wants to keep Jossy safe and if that means using his sword he will. He is not a fighter and only learned because his uncles pressured him. Lots of clever by play between the main characters and some sexual tension in the beginning. Good use of history in the story and a few memorable minor characters. Cover is very nice and definitely fits the storyline. Historical romance that is sure to please those who enjoy this genre.

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