Friday, May 6, 2011

And the Beat Goes On by Tracy L. Krauss

Dr. Mark Graham and his team are doing an archeological dig in Zimbabwe. All kinds of things seem to go wrong from missing artifacts to lost pictures to a cave in. Mark is arrested for violations of the agreement with the government and lax safety on the site. Now Mark does not know who to trust with his findings. It seems his best friend and also his lover are out to derail him. He is let go from the university and told he can not announce his findings. But one of the others from the dig, Anthony gets a college in Texas to back Mark and agree to let him have his say. While at home Mark become acquainted with Amy who he used to babysit but has now grown up. She is a Christian and Mark is questioning his faith. While Mark says he loves her, Amy tells him that she needs to distance herself and give herself time to explore the world.

Interesting read in which evolution and God's creation are debated. From a fictional point of view it shows how mainstream culture would do anything to disprove the Bible and God's handiwork. Mark struggles with the scientist side of himself while also trying to come to terms with what he was taught as a child in church. Some good minor characters thrown in including a sister that Mark never knew he had. I think the cover did fit the book well. Very worthwhile read, enjoyed it very much.

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