Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fallen by Karin Slaughter

Faith Mitchell's mother has been kidnapped. Evelyn Mitchell, retired from the police force when several of her officer's were charged with stealing some of the drug money they got in raids. Evelyn was investigated but there was no evidence that she was involved. Faith returns home to find her mother missing and her daughter locked in a shed. Faith kills two men she finds at her mother's house and is looked at as a suspect in the beginning. Her partner Will Trent is there to help her find out what is going on. Will along with their boss Amanda Wagner begin questioning people in the drug trade to see if someone they know has Evelyn. Faith is friends with Dr. Sara Linton. Sara was the county coroner in the town where she and her husband lived. Jeffrey was a police chief and was killed in the line of duty. Sara decided to move to Atlanta and work at the hospital there. Will and Amanda ask Sara to look at the dead bodies and tell them what she thinks. During the investigation Will and Sara become close. Will and Faith have no idea what will be uncovered but Amanda knows more than she is saying.

Excellent book by Karin Slaughter. I am a big fan of her books anyway and this one did not disappoint. Although the book was mainly about Faith and Will it was so nice to read about the things happening in Sara's life now. Faith is a sympathetic character in what is learned about her home life and relationship with her mother and brother. She knows her job and is willing to do anything to get her mother back. Will's home life is examined too and a lot of his issues are revealed. Both Faith and Will might not seem to be strong characters in the beginning but they are by the end of the book. Cover of the book is very nice. An excellent read for anyone who likes suspsense.

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