Friday, May 6, 2011

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

Lady Hero Batten is engaged to be married to the Marquis of Mandeville. On the night of the announcement Hero walks in on her future brother in law in a compromising position. From that point on she decides that Griffin is not worth the effort to get to know or even like. Circumstances though bring the two into close proximity on more than one occasion. Hero can not help developing feelings for Griffin and tries her best to ignore them. But Griffin will not let her and they succumb to passion. Hero then has to confess to her fiance of her waywardness. He is furious with her as he thinks his first wife had an affair with his brother. In the meantime, Hero's brother wants nothing less than to put Griffin in jail. He also tells Hero that no matter what she will marry the Marquis, who himself has feelings for someone else.

Loved the character of Hero. She is strong, kind, compassionate and will do what she thinks needs to be done. Her sponsorship of the children's home in a bad neighborhood is what really brings her and Griffin together. Griffin is also a strong character who did what he had to do to take care of his family after his father died and left them with little money and does not care what anyone thinks of him until Hero comes into his life. Hero and Griffin play very well off of each other, the combination of the love hate relationship is very entertaining. The cover is very appropriate for the book. Anyone who likes period romances will really enjoy this book.

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