Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Risk It All by Stan Stamper

Carissa Johnson is working undercover for the CIA. She is helping to find out how money is funneled for al Qaida and Hamas. She has meetings with several high officials in some Middle East countries. She has a very good relationship with one of the leaders, the other wants her to become his mistress. Carissa goes home when her Grand Anna passes away to be with her Grandpa Hank. While there they decide to put an engine in the plane they are restoring. Tanner Stone and his father bring the engine and Tanner and Carissa hit it off. When Special Forces Commander Tanner returns to his unit he is told that an American is aiding enemies to launder money. Everything Tanner finds leads to Carissa but he just can't believe she is involved in treason. Even though he has asked Carissa to marry him, Tanner has doubts about her innocence. Tanner along with a Congressional delegation are captured and it's Carissa who can pinpoint where they are.

This book is a true page turner. Enjoyed the story from beginning to end it flowed effortlessly. Both Carissa and Tanner are strong characters and blended well together. There was just enough chemistry between them to make the story interesting. Loved the characters of her Grandpa Hank and Tanner's father Mouse. The President's mother Emma Grace was quite a character, too.They had their own special relationship. The cover is nice, not sure it really relates to the story though. For those who like political suspense this book is worth reading.

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