Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gillian by Linda Andrews

Gillian Grey is on a mission. Her father has asked Aidan Baird to escort his daughter through the desert to look for flowers. That however, is not Gillian's main purpose for her trip. After finding out that her fiance only wanted to marry her for her father's money, Gillian needs something to fill her time so she can forget. She has had a friend all her life named Grimsree. He comes to her now and tells her about women who are being murdered and Gillian decides she is going to find out who the murderer is. Although worried about what Aidan will think when he learns her real reason for traveling with him, Gillian is steadfast in her quest. In the end it could ruin her relationship with Aidan.

I loved this book. It was interesting from start to finish and kept me turning pages. It was nice to be transported back in time with such a good story. The characters were very believable for the period that the story takes place. Gillian has spunk and it does not deter Aidan at all. She shows her proficiency throughout the book. It was good to see in the end that her self confidence was in all areas and not just her prowess with her knife. The cover is very nice but i'm not sure it lends anything to the story except to hint of the romance to come. I hope others who read it will enjoy it as much as I did.

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