Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Immortal Assassin by Caroyn Jewel

Grayson Spencer was not born with magic. She acquired her's when her lover Tigran was murdered by his mage, Christophe. Durian was an assassin sent to take out Grayson for trying to kill Christophe. He sees something in her and decides to save her life. He then has to teach her how to deal with the magic she now has. They also would both like to find a way to get rid of Christophe but can not obtain a sanction for the kill. Gray was supposedly killed along with her sister Emily and a friend in their apartment. However, Gray runs into her sister one day on the street and Emily does not recognize her and tells her she is mistaken that her name is Erin. This makes Gray want to kill Christophe that much more. In the meantime, Christophe sends magehelds to get Gray and bring her to him. He wants the magic that Gray obtained of his when he killed Tigran.

This book took some getting into for me. It's not my normal kind of reading, but in the end I did enjoy it. In some places it was hard to figure out what the author meant having not read any of the other books in the series. Some things might have been explained in the others. But, it really didn't detract from the story for me. The plot was a very good one and I loved both the characters of Gray and Durian. They were both such forceful personalities and played off each other very well. I also enjoyed some of the minor characters and will be looking for the other books to read their stories. Thought the cover was very nice but did not really lend anything to the plot.

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