Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saving Dandy James by Shelly Gail Morris

Dandy James is in a loveless marriage. One night during a storm she went to buy a magazine and had an accident on the way back. Another car also had an accident and when Dandy went to help she met Colin Kessler. Dandy rides with Colin to the hospital and there lives become entwined. Colin confesses his love for Dandy but she says it can't be since they are both married to others. Colin's pregnant daughter comes and lives at Dandy's farm for the summer. Dandy finds out that her father signed a promissory note to her husband giving him the land if
he stays married to her for twenty years. Their anniversary is looming and after nineteen years of abuse Dandy decides to file for divorce. For years Dandy's son Perry was told by his father that his mother was unstable and likely to kill herself. He kept his distance from Dandy but then she started changing and taking hold of her life. Perry saw that his father had lied to him and establishes a loving relationship with his mother.

The plot was a good one and I enjoyed reading how everything would be wound up in the end. Dandy finding her daughter was a big plus in my thinking. There was good interaction between all of the characters. The situations were very believable and everyone was very well rounded. There was just the right balance of description and conversation. It made reading the book so much easier for me because the flow was there from the beginning. It held my attention very well and was extremely life like. The cover is ok, but didn't really add anything to the book.

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