Friday, January 14, 2011

Highland Master by Amanda Scott

Lady Catronia finds an injured man on one of her walks. The man turns out to be Finlagh Cameron. Although Cat does not know he is a Cameron to start with. Their families have been bitter enemies. Fin is working for Davy Stewart who wants a meeting with some Highland chiefs and sent Fin to discuss it with the Mackintosh. Cat takes Fin home to meet her grandfather, the Mackintosh so he can tell him Davy's request. Fin and Cat become friends during his stay there. When the chiefs come and meet with Davy, he takes a shine to Cat. She tells him that she is in love with Fin and Davy forces them to wed. Meanwhile Rory Comyn who thinks he has an agreement with Cat's father for her hand, decides to start some mischief. He is helping Davy's uncle Albany who wants to unseat Davy as governor.

I enjoyed this story very much. It was a very easy and fast read those are the kind that I like best. The plot was interesting and kept my attention all the way through. Fin and Cat were very strong personalities and meshed together very well. They worked well together when they needed to. I also enjoyed the romance aspect of the story. Even though there were a lot of minor characters they did not detract from the plot but enhanced it. The cover was very appropriate to the storyline. I don't really have any suggestions to make it better, I thought it was very good as it is.

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