Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Tempt a Rake by Cara Elliott

Kate Woodbridge came to live with her grandfather when her parents died. Kate was used to the life of a pirate and did some things that she was not axious for her grandfather to find out about. She and some of her friends formed an intellectual group called cirle of sin. Kate loves to study botany which is also an interest of her grandfather. Marco Ghiradelli is the cousin of one of Kate's good friends. They met on several occasions and Kate is afraid that he will remember where he had seen her before. There is to be a meeting in Vienna and before that happens Kate's grandfather has a house party for some of the attendees. Marco is sent to have a look and see if he can learn anything that would help England thwart any problems. Kate is not happy to see him, she fears the more they are around each other the more likely he is to remember her past. One of the members of the house party is murdered and Kate's dagger is found in his chest. Marco tells Kate that he does remember her and that he is going to help her clear her name.

Good story from beginning to end. It flowed nicely and the interaction between the characters was very appealing. The interplay between Kate and Marco lent some humor to the story. Loved the transformation of her grandfather and the spark between him and Kate's friend Charlotte. There was more description than I usually like and I would have liked a little more conversation. Really liked the cover and thought it was very true to the storyline. Still I enjoyed the book and will look for the others in the series.

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