Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Day for the Home Team by Alex O'Meara

Sam Tryor is dead. He can't remember how it happened but he knows that he is dead. He finds that he is a ghost and can follow his brother Nick, the detective in charge of his case Walter Perry and a reporter Sarah Tilly. He was sure one of them would be able to find out what happened. He learns that he was the shooter in a pizza restaurant where 40 people died, not counting him, and twenty one were wounded. Through the whole book Sam tries to find out what happened and why? He remembers growing up in Detroit and moving to Arizona. He learns that he sold double wides and owned a trailer park. He found out he was holding a couple of guns for one of his tenants because the guy was on probation. Sam did not own any guns of his own. He follows the detective, his brother and the reporter for two days and gets a new insight into himself.

This book was very different in that it was written from the shooter's point of view. I liked that through the book you learned about Sam's character. It seemed there was no way this man could commit this crime. You saw Sam through his brother's eyes and the eyes of his neighbors and then the impartial eyes of the detective on the case. You could not help liking Sam from things that were said about him, but also feel disappointed in the way he handled things in the end. The cover was very appropriate since a lot of the book took place at the restaurant. This was a very good book and I enjoyed the way it was written.

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