Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sins of a Highland Devil by Sue Ellen Welfonder

The Glen of Many Legends is in dispute. Clan McDonald holds the main part and their right is being challenged by Clan Cameron and Clan Makintosh. Each of the other Clans has sent a letter to the King and asked to be named as the owner of the prime piece of land. The King decides that there will be a battle between the three Clans to the death and the one who remains standing will guard the Glen. Catronia McDonald abhors James Cameron and he feels the same. They clashed when they were young and neither has forgotten. Now, they meet again on the eve of the battle. James can't get Catronia out of his mind and the passion she stirs in him. Catronia is having the same problem and can't believe she is drawn to her enemy. Catronia wants to goad James into doing things that he doesn't think proper. Each of them worry how the battle will end, not only on the field but between the two of them.

Loved all the description of the Highlands of Scotland. It made the reader feel like they could see the Glen in their mind's eye. The interplay between Catronia and James was funny at times, poignant at others and always sensual. The minor characters that were introduced whetted the reader's interest for the subsequent books to come. The cover was very appropriate to the story. The characters were very believable in their settings. It was a very good and fast read.

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