Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shiver of Fear by Roxanne St. Claire

Devyn Sterling want's to find her birth mother. Something her late husband knew could potentially hurt her mother. So, she travels to Ireland to find her. The Guardian Angelinos are approached by an old friend of Marc Rossi from his FBI days. He wants them to get Devyn out of Belfast as soon as possible. So, Marc goes to Ireland and meets Devyn. She is not happy when she finds out what Marc is really there for, but she tells him that she will give him information about her father if he helps her find her mother. Devyn wants to find herself and what her gene pool has in it because it was the excuse her husband gave her for not wanting children. He said since they didn't know about her background they could not possibly bring children into their lives. Of course, he was having an affair the whole time that Devyn found out about later. Since this weighed heavily on her mind she was not sure she wanted to get involved with Marc other than using his help.

The second installment in the Guardian Angelino's series. I liked it as much as the first one in which Marc had a small part. The book just flowed for me and I could wait to finish it. Loved the description of the towns in Ireland that they visited. Some of the same characters from the first book were mentioned again and had bit parts, which was nice to see familiar people again. Marc and Devyn were a fiery couple, they shot sparks from their first meeting. The interaction between the two was great and kept the pages turning. The cover is nice, not sure it lends a lot to the story but it's a good picture.

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