Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From the Potter's Wheel by Althea V. Smithson

Filled with praise, prayers and just random thoughts this book is very thought provoking. Each one can touch a person's heart and mind or it can bring comfort and healing words to a troubled heart. Several of my favorites are She Walked with God, Because My Name's Been Written Down, Wagon of Faith, A Denarius a Day and Wisdom & Peace. Each one of these spoke to my heart especially She Walked with God.
Reading several a day is very uplifting and starts the day out right. This book could easily be used as a devotional along with Bible readings.

I loved this book and will be reading it over and over again. The insight in some of the missives is astounding. Ms. Smithson has a gift for putting into words what has been thought through the ages. There is hope, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in each poem. Loved the random thoughts too, each was something to ponder on and gain understanding from. Not only was the book a volume of seeing what God has and wants from us, but it also gave a glimpse into the heart and feelings of the author. The cover was very appropriate for the book with the potter's wheel and the hands working the clay, just as God works the clay of our lives each day. This book is a keeper to me and one to be treasured and shared with my family. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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