Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Plain and Simple Christmas by Amy Clipston

Anna Mae left her Amish family and community when she fell in love with Englisher Kellen McDonough. Now expecting her first child Annie longs to be reunited with the family that shunned her. Kellen encourages Annie to write to her sister in law Kathryn and see what the feeling is there. Kathryn is thrilled to hear from Annie and approaches her husband David about the impending visit. David tells Kathryn that Christmas is not the proper time for Annie's return and to write and tell his sister that they would visit in the spring. But, Kathryn feels God is telling her to facilitate the visit and goes behind her husband's back to ease Annie's visit. When Annie and Kellen arrive they are welcomed by Kathryn, David and their family. They allow them to eat at their table the first night. The next day, they are invited back to a meal with her parents. Mary Rose welcomes her daughter with open arms but her father Henry will not even acknowledge her. Kathryn begs Annie not to leave and to give her father one more chance.

This is a heartwarming book of reconciliation of a family during the holiday season. I especially liked that the author made a list of words commonly used by the Amish and the English meaning beside. The look into the Amish ways and customs was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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