Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haunted Echos by Julie Ann Howell

Sarah Reddington has writer's block. Her publisher has sent her to a bed and breakfast in Maine to try and stimulate her creative juices. Not long after Sarah arrives strange things start to happen. She finds a key and then loses it. She hears noises and one day finds her dog tied up in the attic. Sarah begins to think that she is losing her mind. She goes to see the lighthouse keeper after talking to a local policeman. He reluctantly lets her in and begins to tell her stories about the inn where she is staying. When Sarah looks at the inn she sees a beautiful place, but when anyone else sees it they see a dilapidated, condemned house. Sarah's sister Abby and her niece Tessa arrived because Abby has not heard from her sister in quite awhile. With the aid of Riley Storms the policeman Sarah met, Abby and Tessa brave the inn and look for Sarah.

This book is definitely a page turner. It was interesting from beginning to end. The writer paints pictures with words and you can see the inn and everything that Sarah goes through in your mind as you read. Her writing style makes the book a fast and easy read. From the lead character to all the supporting characters each has a definite personality that leads much to the book. This story is worth taking the time to read.

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