Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the Devil Laughed by Carole Sutton

Hannah Ford is a cop sent undercover to learn about drug trafficing in the small town of Draper's Wharf. Little did Hannah know but just before she arrived her cousin was raped and murdered. Hannah's cover is that of a reporter for a magazine and when she get a room from Mac Mckay he is not thrilled about a reporter staying in his place. But he lets Hannah help him out now that his waitress, who was Hannah's cousin, has been killed. The set up is ideal for Hannah as Mac's brother Doug is also helping him. Doug just happens to be Hannah's contact in the police department there. Although she is sent to find out about the drug traffic, Hannah can not let Vicky's murder go unsolved. So, she starts investigating on her own. Getting information from wherever she can including Vicky's mom Grace and her friends. With each piece of information that Hannah uncovers it brings back memories of her own rape right after the death of her husband. Still Hannah struggles on to find out what happened to Vicky. One night she hears a noise and sees something hanging from a yardarm. When she and Mac investigate they find a body hanging there. Hannah is sure the two murders are connected and set out to learn what really happened and put closure in her own life.

This book is set in Australia and was interesting to read the difference in slang expressions between there and America. The plot is well thought out and I liked how everything was tied up in the end. Did not grab me at first but once I got into the story it did keep my interest. Enjoyable read although not as fast as some others I have read.

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