Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deadly Heat by Cynthia Eden

Lora Spade is a fire fighter that lost her fiance to a fire. Lora is sure there is a serial arsonist at work and contacts the FBI's elite Serial Services Division to help in finding the culprit. The first day Kenton Lake is in town he is pulled out of a fire by Lora. He decides he needs her help in finding out what is going on. Kenton is sure that it's a person with fire fighting experience or a cop behind the fire because they are done with knowledge of both departments. Lora can't believe it's anyone she knows and is heartbroken when her house is one of the targets. Still neither one will back off until they find who is behind the fires and the deaths.

This book was interesting to learn about the inner workings of the fire department and how fires are set. A serial arsonist has to be precise and have knowledge of what he is doing and that was all brought out in the story. Lora's character is very aggressive, not only in her work but also in her home life. Kenton is a good foil for her but sometimes his character seemed to go over the top. The story was well written and there were no gaps or really slow spots in it. The minor characters in this were not that memorable to me, it was all Lora and Kenton from page one. Liked the cover on this one and thought it went well with the plot of the book.

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