Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lightning and Lace

Title: Lightning and Lace
Author: DiAnn Mills

This book is about Bonnie Kahler and her extended
family. It's a book of tragedy, triumph, inspiration and
love of God. The secondary character in the book is
Travis Whitworth the new pastor of Kahlerville, Texas.
The reader learns of his trials and tribulation before
coming to Kahlerville.

Bonnie's husband passed away and she was not able
to handle her family, her ranch and her grief. A not so
well meaning friend got her hooked on drinking spirits
before bed. Her son Zach lost all respect for his mother,
and became quite a handful. The local teacher would
not welcome him in her classroom, especially after the
church was vandalized and the blame was placed on
Zach. Brother Travis says he will keep the boy and also
home school him in an effort to turn the boy around.

There is rumor of an affair between Bonnie and Brother
Travis. It was started by Lester Hillman the not so well
meaning friend. He is married but wants Bonnie for himself
and will do anything to make that happen.

Rosie a local lady of the evening, who turned her life over
to the Lord, is murdered. Again Lester implicates Zach
and Brother Travis. Between Bonnie's brothers and Travis
they firgure out who the real killer is and put a stop to Lester's
reign of terror.

Ms. Mills was very successful in getting the point of her book
across. There is nothing that God can't handle and turn around
for good. Her characters are very well thought out, and presented
in a way that makes you feel like you know them personally.

If you are a reader of Christian fiction, then you will love this book.
It's an adventure from beginning to end.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable to me and I would be interested
in reading more of Ms. Mills work. I highly recommend it and hope
other readers enjoy it as much as i did.

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